Contact Information

Honors Program Administration

Dr Leah Anderson Roesch, Chair of the Honors Committee
Department of Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology

Alex Mathis-Porter, Program Coordinator
Office for Undergraduate Education
Phone: 404.727.2761

Dr Robert Torre, Assistant Director for Academic Affairs
Office for Undergraduate Education
Phone: 404.727.1466

Departmental Honors Programs and Coordinators

For information regarding a department's honors program requirements, please contact the honors program coordinator listed below.

Honors Program Coordinator Email
African American Studies Michelle Gordon 
African Studies TBD TBD
American Studies Peter Wakefield
Ancient Mediterranean Studies Cindy Patterson
Anthropology Robert Paul  
Art History Eric Varner
Biology Alex Escobar 
Chemistry  James Kindt 
Chemistry Vince Conticello 
Chinese Maria Sibau  
Classics Louise Pratt 
Classics Katrina Dickson 
Comparative Literature Angelika Bammer 
Computer Science Davide Fossati
Dance and Movement Studies Gregory Catellier (Fall 2021) 
Dance and Movement Studies Mara Mandradjieff (Spring 2022) 
East Asian Studies

Cheryl Crowley 

Stephen O'Connell 
Economics and Mathematics Mathematics or Economics Coord. -
English Paul Kelleher 
English and Creative Writing Jericho Brown 
Environmental Studies Emily Burchfield  
Film and Media Tanine Allison 
French Studies Noelle Giguere 
German Studies Paul Buchholz 
History Tom Rogers   
Human Health Amanda Freeman 
Human Health Rachel Hall-Clifford 
Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture Peter Wakefield
International Studies Political Science Coord. -
Integrated Visual Arts Leslie Taylor 
Italian Studies Simona Muratore 
Japanese Cheryl Crowley 
Jewish Studies Michael Berger 
Latin American and Caribbean Studies Robert Goddard 
Linguistics Yun Kim 
Mathematics David Zureick-Brown 
Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies Courtney Freer
Music Paul Bhasin 
Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Leah Roesch 
Philosophy Jeremy Bell
Philosophy, Politics, Law Jeremy Bell
Physics Tom Bing
Political Science Danielle Jung
Psychology Patricia Bauer  
Public Policy Analysis Political Science or QTM Coordinator
Quantitative Science Jeremy Jacobson 
Quantitative Science Zhiyun Gong 
Religion Pam Hall  
Russian/REES Mikhail Epstein 
Sociology Jeff Mullis
Spanish Lisa Dillman 
Spanish and Linguistics Lisa Dillman 
Susan Tamasi 
Spanish and Portuguese Lisa Dillman 
Theater Studies Michael Evenden  
Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Elizabeth Wilson