Changing & Repeating Courses

Repetition of Courses

When a course that was previously passed is repeated, the new course credit hours do not count towards a degree. A student who wishes to re-take a course previously passed and not receive additional degree credit will be permitted to do so only if deemed advisable by the faculty advisor and a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education.

All courses repeated, whether passed or not, including the original course, will be calculated in the student’s grade-point average, and the original course grade will remain on the student’s transcript.

A student will be permitted to retake a course if they fail to successfully complete a course. A student may not attempt to pass a course any more than three times.

Changing Courses

A student may change courses until the end of the Add/Drop/Swap period, which occurs on the eighth calendar day after the first day of classes each semester. A change may be made in the grading basis of a course (letter grade or S/U) until 4pm on the Friday of the sixth full week of class after the Add/Drop/Swap period. (See Academic Calendar for specific dates.)

Approved: Curriculum, Assessment, and Educational Policy Committee, October 30, 2019