Repetition of Courses

When a course that was previously passed is repeated, the new course credits do not count toward a degree. A student who wishes to re-do a course previously passed and not receive additional degree credit will be permitted to do so if deemed advisable by the faculty adviser and a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education.

All courses repeated, whether passed or not, including the original course, will be calculated in the student’s grade point average.

A student will be permitted to retake a course if they fail to successfully complete a course. A student may not attempt to pass a course any more than three times.

Changing Courses

A student may change courses until the end of the Add/Drop/Swap period which occurs on the eighth calendar day after the first day of classes each semester. A change may be made in the grading basis of a course (letter grade or S/U) through the fifteenth or sixteenth calendar day after the first day of classes each semester. (See Academic Calendar for specific dates.) Emory students may withdraw from one or more courses until 4:00 p.m. on the Friday of the sixth full week of class of the semester after the Add/Drop/Swap period, providing that the student continues to carry a load of twelve credit hours or is in his/her final semester of residence as a graduating senior. (See “Partial Withdrawal” for additional information.) Thereafter, when students withdraw from a course they will receive the grade of WF or WU unless, in the opinion of the instructor and a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education, circumstances do not justify this penalty. In such cases, the grade of W will be recorded. In computing the student’s overall average, the grade of WF will be counted as F. The grades of W and WU will not be used in computing a student’s overall average.