To complete a degree within 8 full time semesters, a normal course load is 15-16 credit hours per semester.

Students may not take fewer than twelve hours nor more than twenty-two hours, plus physical education and applied music, in any one semester.

Students may enroll for twelve to nineteen hours in any one semester. To take more or fewer hours, they must have permission from their faculty adviser and a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education. 

Students with a cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher and seniors in their final semester of work are permitted to take up to twenty-two credits (not counting physical education). Students with outstanding incomplete course grades may not overload in credits in subsequent semesters.

Students must normally enroll for the minimum full-time load of twelve credits, except that a senior in the final semester of work is not required to enroll for more credits than are needed to complete the degree. All credit for academic work must be awarded in the semester in which the work is undertaken, including summer sessions and internships.