Emory College’s online degree audit is open 24/7. Students have access to the General Education Requirements Overview and should review requirements carefully. Students may access the online Academic Advisement Report via OPUS.
Please use the following path to access a snapshot view of the Academic Advisement Report.

OPUS > My Academics > View my advisement report

For a detailed report, please use the following path to access the Academic Advisement Report

OPUS > Degree Planning > Select the “Advisement Report Request” tab > Academic Institution: Emory University > Report Type: Degree Audit – Emory College > GO

Some major and minor requirements are also reported in the audit and ultimately all the departments will have the opportunity to have their requirements reported online for their majors and minors.

Reporting Questions

To report an error in your audit, or ask clarifying question, please send the requested information to oue.advising@emory.edu and include the following information: 

  • Name,
  • Student ID,
  • Class Level (for example, Senior), and
  • A brief explanation of the problem.