Degree Requirements

Both the bachelor of arts degree and the bachelor of science degree combine liberal studies with advanced studies. To earn the BA degree or the BS degree, a student must complete successfully a minimum of 32 academic courses totaling at least one hundred and twenty-four semester hours in approved academic courses plus two semester hours in physical education and a one semester hour personal health course.

No rigid program for either degree is prescribed by Emory College. Each student must design a program of study suited to individual interests and needs. To aid the student in this task and to ensure that no program is either too narrow or too diffuse, the college assigns advisers who work with students in planning their programs.

The undergraduate education in Emory College comprises three overlapping components:

  1. general education requirements that provide a common core of substance and methodology;
  2. more intensive and advanced study in a major field; and
  3. free-ranging exploration by means of elective courses.

General Education Requirements

These courses provide for a common core of academic experience for Emory College students. Faculty and advanced student advisers work closely with students, especially in the first two years, in choosing the specific courses used to fulfill these requirements. The faculty's principal objective in establishing these requirements is to encourage students to familiarize themselves with the knowledge and the methodologies that characterize the arts and humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences and mathematics; to increase their ability to express ideas effectively in English and in another language; to extend their capacities for making informed judgments of value; to expand their knowledge and understanding of themselves, of their own and other cultures, and of the natural world; and to develop their awareness of the ways in which the various academic disciplines may complement one another in solving the world's problems.

For the most current list of courses satisfying the General Education Requirements, please see the GER website.

Major Requirements

Students must complete requirements for the major in a particular academic field. In order to complete a major, students must formally designate a program no earlier than the second semester of their freshman year and no later than the end of the sophomore year (see "Declaration of Plan [Major/Minor ] form" available online. Students will normally be required to complete the major or minor requirements that are in place at the time they declare the program. When the requirements for a major or minor have changed, students may petition to complete the program under the old or new requirements, and departments have the discretion to approve or reject these requests. 

The departments and the dean reserve the right to judge the advisability of an applicant's admission to any particular concentration. Each student's major program must be arranged under the direction and with the approval of a faculty advisor in the major department with a view to obtaining reasonable mastery of a chosen field and with due provision for work outside that field. If they choose, students may be certified in two, but not more than two, areas of concentration. Minors are available in certain fields for students who wish to complete a minor in addition to a major. (A student may thus have two majors or one major and a minor.) Students must maintain at least a C (2.0) average in any major or minor they complete.

Programs of Study

Students may earn one, and only one, of the following undergraduate degrees from Emory University. In completing the following degrees, Emory College officially recognizes no more than two concentrations-either two majors or a major and minor. Such recognition does not appear on Emory diplomas but is shown on students' transcripts.

Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science

Emory College offers a number of majors that can result in a BA or BS.


Minors are available in a number of fields.

Bachelor of Business Administration

The BBA requires that students complete 64 credit hours (four semesters) in Emory College prior to transferring to the Roberto C. Goizueta Business School of Emory University. These 64 credit hours do not include AP credit.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The BSN degree is awarded after students complete 64 credit hours (four semesters) in Emory College and two years in the Nell Hodgson Woodruff School of Nursing. These sixty-four credit hours do not include AP credit. Emory College issues a dual degree as a BA or BS in the college and a BSN in nursing. Some courses required prior to entering the nursing program are not available at Emory College. Interested students should consult with the nursing school and the Office for Undergraduate Education about requirements.

Students Continuing to Emory College of Arts and Sciences from Oxford College

Students who meet the requirements from Oxford College and receive an AA degree may continue to Emory College of Arts and Sciences to receive a Bachelor’s Degree.

Oxford College continuees must earn a total of 127 semester hours of credit (124 academic hours, a minimum of 2 PE credits and a third academic or PE credit ) to graduate from Emory College; of these credits, a minimum of fifty-four semester hours must be earned in Emory College with a minimum of three semesters of residence in Emory College (twelve semester hours or more per semester); a semester of fewer than twelve hours can be combined with another semester of fewer than twelve hours to make up one semester of residence; however, a partial semester may not be combined with a semester of more than twelve hours to form two semesters of residence.

Combined and Expanded Degree Programs

Students who enter the Combined Degree Program may earn the bachelor of arts or the bachelor of science degree from Emory College and a professional or advanced degree from another division of the University or from the Georgia Institute of Technology. These programs include:

Dual-Degree Programs in Engineering

4+1 Programs

Students may earn a combined bachelors and masters degree in the following subjects:

  • BS/MS Environmental Sciences
  • BA/MA English
  • BA/MA Film and Media Studies
  • BA or BS/MSPH Program in Biostatistics

Dual Degree with Agnes Scott in Computer Science

Additionally, students who initially enrolled at Agnes Scott College in Decatur, GA can participate in a combined degree program with Emory in the field of Computer Science. Click here for the pre-application.