Subject to the limitations and qualifications stated elsewhere in this catalog, requirements for bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees are as follows:

  1. The four semesters of residence immediately prior to graduation taken in Emory College.

    1. For students who begin at Emory College of Arts and Sciences or Transfer Students this means their last 64 hours.

    2. For Oxford Continuees this means 54 hours with a minimum of three semesters of residence

  2. A minimum of 127 semester hours of credit, of which 124 hours must be in academic courses, not physical education (no more than 16 hours of applied music or 17 one hour dance courses may be counted toward the 124 academic hours). 

    1. For Transfers this could be 125 or 126 depending on PE Waivers based on credits,

    2. For Oxford Continuees, the total is still 127, including a minimum of 2 PE credits and a third academic or PE credit

  3. Completion of no less than 32 academic courses

  4. A grade point average of at least 1.9 for all work attempted for a letter grade (2.0 for transfer students) and a 2.0 average in the senior year.

  5. Fulfillment of the course requirements for a major, as determined by the major department or program, with a minimum 2.0 average.

  6. Fulfillment of the General Education Requirements.

  7. Satisfaction of all financial obligations to the College and Emory University.

  8. No degree may be conferred to a student while he or she is suspended from Emory College under the provisions of the College Honor code or University’s Conduct Code.

Application for Degree

In order to be a degree candidate for any given term, students must file an application for the bachelor’s degree with the College’s Office for Undergraduate Education at the beginning of the semester they expect the degree to be conferred. The application deadlines are indicated in the academic calendar. Forms for this purpose are available from the Office for Undergraduate Education or online. Students who file an application after the deadline specified in the academic calendar must pay a special processing charge of twenty-five dollars and cannot be assured that their names will appear in the commencement program or that their diplomas will be available at commencement.
Commencement exercises are held annually in May for all students who completed all graduation requirements in the previous summer term, the previous fall term, or the current spring term.

Financial Requirements for Graduation

It is a requirement for graduation that all financial obligations to the University shall have been satisfied. In the case of outstanding loans not then due and payable, loan documents satisfactory to the University must have been executed and delivered to it, and all payments must be current.