We welcome applications from prior students.

After withdrawal or absence for one or more semesters, except summer, any student who was in good academic standing at the end of his or her last prior semester of enrollment is eligible for readmission within five years from the initial term of withdrawal or absence.

Special conditions apply for students who were on academic probation when they left or who withdrew for health reasons (see Cancellation and Withdrawal).

To initiate readmission a student must submit a readmission form, which may be obtained from Emory College’s Office for Undergraduate Education, and, when completed, returned to the same office. Students will be permitted to pre-register for the semester for which they are readmitted, provided the request for readmission is received at least one month before pre-registration begins.

Readmission does not carry with it the awarding of transfer credit for work done at another college or university while a student is away from Emory. To receive credit for such work, the student must reapply to Emory as a transfer student (see above).

For readmission after withdrawal for medical reasons, the Office for Undergraduate Education may consult with officials of the University Health Service or the University Counseling Center.

For readmission after a five-year period of absence, students must petition the Committee on Academic Standards (CAS) for approval of the readmission request. The requirement to petition for readmission also applies to students who complete an Oxford AA degree but who do not enroll within five years at Emory College. Students readmitted after a five-year period of absence will be subject to the current degree requirements of Emory College of Arts and Sciences as well as the current requirements of any major or minor program that the student declares. Furthermore, the Committee on Academic Standards in consultation with the Office for Undergraduate Education and any relevant departments may determine that individual courses taken prior to the absence may not be used to satisfy degree and/or major or minor requirements.