Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory Option

A student may elect to take up to twenty of the total credit hours required for graduation from any department or program in the College with the stipulation that grades for courses so elected will be recorded as Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory only and shall not be counted in computing the grade-point average. The grade of Satisfactory carries full academic credit; the grade of Unsatisfactory carries no academic credit. No course used to satisfy general education requirements may be taken on an S/U basis, except for physical education courses. ECS 101: The Emory Edge, MLP_OX 101: Milestone Project, Washington Semester, and Bard Semester, which are graded only Satisfactory or Unsatisfactory, as well as transfer and transient credit, do not count toward the twenty hours. All other courses that offered as Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory only, and courses taken through the ARCHE program, including ROTC, do count toward the twenty-hour limit toward the graduation requirement. A grade of D or better shall be considered as meeting the Satisfactory requirement.

The grading basis of a course may not be changed after 4pm on the Friday of the sixth full week of class after the Add/Drop/Swap period. One course required for concentration in a given field may be taken on an S/U basis with the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies and the department. (Students should refer to the College's online calendar and syllabi for courses taught during the Summer Semester or Maymester for the comparable deadline.)

The Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory option is not applicable to any courses offered by the Goizueta Business School.

Audit Courses

Emory College does not officially recognize audits. Students may therefore not register to audit any College course. With the permission of the instructor, students may unofficially visit any course for which they are eligible to register, but no record is kept of courses so visited.

Approved: Curriculum, Assessment, and Educational Policy Committee, February 19, 2020