Emory College of Arts and Sciences Complaints Process

Student complaints can be categorized into four major areas: academic, non-academic, discrimination/harassment, or appeals of any of the previously mentioned areas.

Emory encourages each student to handle complaints as close to the source as possible. Each school has their own procedures usually explained at orientation or in their respective catalogs. Academic or other concerns usually begin with student service personnel in each school who route their concerns to the appropriate school authority. Student concerns can have many facets; even when escalated, they may require a review of issues with school personnel who are closest to the situation. This practice generally results in greater student satisfaction as issues can typically be resolved more quickly. Judgments on the appropriateness of decisions regarding complaints made within a college are most appropriately made by individuals with expertise in the particular area.

What documentation is required to constitute a formal complaint?

Student complaints must be submitted in writing and accompanied by relevant documentation describing

  1. the specific action, practice or decision that is being challenged
  2. the impact of the decision
  3. what resolution is desired
  4. why it should be granted.

To expedite a prompt resolution, complaints should include current contact information of the individual filing the complaint. Responses to the complaint including the final decision will be provided in writing within 90 business days of receipt of the complaint. Complaints can be submitted either in hard copy or via e-mail to the relevant University Officer or Committee.


Where should I submit my formal complaint?


Request for an Exception to an Academic Policy

Requests for exceptions to standing academic policy are handled by the Committee on Academic Standards. Students wishing to file for an academic exception should, in the first instance, follow the procedures outlined on the Committee on Academic Standards website.


Grade Disputes

Students who wish to dispute a grade in a course or assignment should submit their complaint in writing to the Director of Undergraduate Studies in the relevant department. Departments may have specific requirements and procedures for grade appeals, and students should consult with the departments and Directors of Undergraduate Studies for details. A full list of Directors of Undergraduate Studies can be found here.


General Complaints

Students who wish to make a general complaint not covered by the processes for academic exceptions or grade disputes should submit those to the Office for Undergraduate Education, White Hall 300, 301 Dowman Drive, Atlanta, 30322 or by e-mailing oue.advising@emory.edu.


State of Georgia Complaints Process

Federal financial aid laws and regulations require that each state have a process to review and act on complaints concerning educational institutions in the state. Individuals who have a complaint may file a complaint with Emory’s financial aid office, call the Trust Line at 1-888-550-8850, or file a report online at www.mycompliancereport.com/EmoryTrustLineOnline. Individuals may also file a complaint about Emory University with the State of Georgia Office of Inspector General by following the directions at the Office of Inspector General (OIG) website. In the event that OIG receives a student complaint relating to financial aid, it will be forwarded to the Office of Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Education.

Approved: Curriculum, Assessment, and Educational Policy Committee, February 19, 2020