Transient Study (study at other colleges)

First or Second Year

Newly admitted students who wish to receive credit for work taken at another college after acceptance and before enrollment in Emory College of Arts and Science should secure permission from the dean of admission. After enrollment, permission to take work at another institution in the USA is normally granted only for summer. Students who wish to take summer work elsewhere in the USA after their first year at Emory must secure written permission from the dean before the end of the preceding spring semester and must not be on academic probation after the completion of spring semester.

General Guidelines

For entering first-year students a combined total of twenty-four credit hours of the following types of credit may be granted:

  1. AP credits

  2. IB, French Baccalaureate, A Level exams, and all other international exams credits

  3. Other college credit

  4. Transient study credits earned after the freshman year at Emory

Emory College will grant acceleration credit for courses beyond the 24 hours, but no additional credits or GER waivers will be given.

International students (on J-1 or F-1 visa status) who wish to take summer coursework in their home countries after their first year at Emory must meet the requirements for International Transient Studies and complete the Center for International Programs Abroad (CIPA) International Transient Studies application. For more information, please go to CIPA’s website:

Credit earned at other institutions may not comprise part of the last 64 semester hours or four semester of work toward a degree in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, except as described under approved off-campus programs such as the Washington Semester and Study Abroad programs or as described immediately below. All credits for non-Emory courses must officially appear on the student’s transcript by the end of their first semester upon return to Emory.

Junior or Senior Year

Students who have completed sixty-four semester hours of course work in Emory college of Arts and Sciences and are in good standing may receive up to sixteen semester hours and one semester of residence credit toward their Emory degree for advanced-level courses taken at another college or university in the USA. All such courses must be approved in advance by the chairs of the appropriate departments at Emory, who must

1. certify the advanced level of the proposed courses, and
2. provide a compelling reason why these courses cannot be taken at Emory.

Approval is required in advance by a dean in the Office for Undergraduate Education and the Committee on Academic Standards.

Students who wish to take courses abroad at an international institution must either do so through an approved CIPA study abroad program or petition to receive credit from a “non-Emory” program. For more information on CIPA’s study abroad programs or the non-Emory program petition process, please visit CIPA’s website: