Emory College of Arts and Sciences students are eligible to participate in Semester Online courses within the guidelines set forth by the Educational Policy Committee.

1. Eligibility

  1. Students must be matriculated in Emory College of Arts and Sciences
  2. Students enrolling in Semester Online courses must be in good standing.
  3. Students may enroll in no more than six Semester Online courses over their career at Emory.

2. Enrollment Requirements

  1. During a regular semester (fall, spring) a student in residence will be permitted to enroll in one Semester Online course. Students wishing to enroll in more than one Semester Online course in any given semester will be required to petition for approval. Typically, this will only be approved under special circumstances.  Petitions for exceptions will come to the Office for Undergraduate Education, which will consult with the Committee on Academic Standards as necessary.

  2. The standard Emory enrollment limits apply also to Semester Online courses; Semester Online courses count towards the minimum or maximum hours permitted. Students may only enroll in 19 semester hours or 22 semester hours when the student has a GPA greater than 3.0 (including on-campus and Semester Online courses).

  3. Students on an Emory-approved study abroad course may petition to add one Semester Online course to the required courses for study abroad.  CIPA will consider the nature of the study abroad program and the student’s ability to manage the extra course load in reviewing petitions. 

  4. In general, students should not enroll in Semester Online courses offered by Emory faculty as they can enroll in those courses and attend in person.  However, there may be cases in which it is appropriate for a student to do so either because of the timing of the course, the availability of places in the residential course, or the need of a student to be absent from campus at the time the course is offered.  Students can explain those reasons in a petition to the Office for Undergraduate Education for an exception.

  5. Courses taught by other universities comparable to Emory courses will be reviewed by the relevant department(s). Those department(s) will determine whether the course may be taken for elective credit, or may count towards the GER and major requirements.
  6. During the summer semester, a student may enroll in as few as one Semester Online course or as many as a full load (as defined by summer policies). Only students enrolling in six or more hours would be eligible for need-based aid.  Students enrolled in Emory summer study abroad courses may not enroll in a summer Semester Online course.  The demands of summer study abroad courses do not permit participation in Semester Online courses.

3. Semester Online and the Emory Curriculum

  1. Emory College will provide students with information about how courses offered by Semester Online will correspond with their Emory curriculum.  Some courses may be used to fulfill general education or major requirements; other courses may be available only as elective credit.  Any courses not appropriate for an Emory curriculum and for which a student cannot receive credit, will be identified accordingly.

  2. Online courses may count towards a major or minor when, in the view of the relevant department, they contribute to the award of a major or minor. Students should consult with the relevant department before enrolling if they would like the course to count towards a concentration.

  3. Grades for Semester Online courses will be posted on the Emory transcript with a notation indicating that this is a Semester Online course.

Enrollment Information - Application Process

  1. Complete the Emory Internal Application Form
  2. Complete the online application at www.semesteronline.org
  3. When you receive the Home Institution Confirmation and Approval Letter from Semester Online please send it to semesteronline@emory.edu
  4. The College will then review all of your application materials. We will then approve or deny the application and communicate that to you and to Semester Online.

Emory University Library Information for Semester Online Students

Students can find information on available resources from the Emory University Library while enrolled in a Semester Online course by clicking here