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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete46
Courses Required16
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Five foundational courses each with a 2 unit related lab (25 units)

  • CHEM 150 + CHEM 150L*
  • CHEM 202 + CHEM 202L*
  • CHEM 203 + CHEM 203L
  • CHEM 204 + CHEM 204L
  • CHEM 205 + CHEM 205L

One 300 level integrated lab with analytical focus (2 units)

Two courses at the 300 and 400 level (1 must be lecture) (5-6 units).

  • Research or peer-led learning classes, e.g. CHEM 399R, 499R, 495RW, 392R, 497R do not count as electives for the BA major.

Non-chemistry requirements:: PHYS 141 and PHYS 142 OR PHYS151 and PHYS 152; MATH 111; BIOL 141 (lecture only) (14 units)

*Students who earn credit for CHEM 150 through the AP or IB exams may enter the program at the 202 level and enroll in CHEM 202Z + CHEM 202ZL. Following successful completion of these courses, students will then enroll in 203Z + 203ZL and then continue on to 204 + 204L.

All courses required for the chemistry major must be taken for a letter grade to count towards the major.