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Chinese StudiesMajor

Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete36 - 46
Courses Required10
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Students wishing to major in Chinese Studies should declare the new major in East Asian Languages and Cultures with a Chinese track, as the Chinese Studies major is no longer offered. Students who declared the Chinese Studies major before Fall 2023 will be able to complete their course of study or switch to the new East Asian Languages and Culture major.


Information on Chinese Studies Major for those who declared this major before Fall 2023 only.


Students are required to take 10 courses (minimum 36 credit hours) beyond the prerequisites to complete the major.

1.Six language courses above 102 up to 400 level.

  • Non-heritage track: 201, 202, 301, 302, 401W, 402W
  • Heritage track: 203, 303, 403 and three additional language courses (at 300 or 400 level) OR content courses

Students who are placed beyond 201 or 203 must take additional language courses at 300 and 400 levels or content courses to complete the required number of courses and credit hours.

2. Four departmentally approved content courses (electives) with no less than 14 credits. At least two of the courses must be from Category I of survey and foundational courses, and one of the four courses must be at 300 level. Content courses taken to meet the minimum requirements for the major must be at least 3 credits each. Electives must have at least 50% of content on China. No more than one lecture course from a non-Emory administered study-abroad program may be counted as an elective towards the major. Exceptions may be granted at the discretion of the major advisor. A full listing of electives for the major can be found on the program website

No courses for the major may be taken as S/U. Students must receive at least a C in each course taken for the major.


  • Non heritage track: Chinese 101, 102. This requirement is waived for students who place above 102.
  • Heritage track: Chinese 103. This requirement is waived for students who place above 103.