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Human HealthMajor

Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete41
Courses Required14
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The following courses are required to complete the major

  • Three Core Courses - HLTH 210, HLTH 230 and HLTH 250

  • One course in medical and health ethics

  • QTM 100

  • Senior Project (HLTH 410)

  • Two courses each from categories representing the three foundation principles of the major

    • Descriptive Analysis of Health in Individuals and Populations

    • Mechanistic Understandings of Health

    • Translational Applications of Health-Related Research

  • Two electives


No courses taken using the S/U option may be applied towards the major

Students may choose electives among designated courses and conduct research to complete the major

No more than two courses can count towards the award of a second major.