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Latin American and Caribbean StudiesMajor

Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete36
Courses Required12
Department Contact


12 courses or minimum of 36hrs

Introductory course: either LACS 101 or HIST 211

Language Requirement: (three courses from following)

  • SPAN 300; SPAN 301; SPAN 302; SPAN 309, or
  • PORT 110; PORT 201; PORT 202

History Requirement (three courses from following)

  • HIST 360; HIST 361; HIST 362; HIST 363; HIST 368

Five courses on Latin American and Caribbean issues from related departments and programs, as approved by the LACS program.

Note: Satisfying Major Requirements during Study Abroad

Up to a total of four regular courses (12-16 credit hours) may be earned toward the major in study abroad programs. Spanish/Portuguese language courses taken during study abroad can also count toward your language competency requirement.

Prior to beginning a study abroad program, students must contact the Director or DUS to seek approval of courses to be taken and counted towards the major. Students should be prepared to provide a syllabus for any courses to be counted toward the major.

Students must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Studies at least once each semester for advising and course approval before registering for classes.


All students must have completed SPAN 101,102, 201,202,212 or their equivalent