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Political ScienceMajor

Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete36
Courses Required11
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  1. The Political Science Department requires all its POLS majors to complete the following foundational courses:
    • QTM 100: Introduction to Statistical Inference
    • POLS 111: Principles of Political Science
    • POLS 208: Political Science Research Methods
  2. All POLS majors must also complete:
    • one research course (POLS 394/494 or "RSCH" in title)
    • one political theory course (100-400 level)
    • four upper-level electives (300-400)
    • two electives at any level (100-400)

Additional Requirements and Procedures

  1. A minimum of seven courses must be taken at Emory University or Oxford College. Political Science majors may get credit for up to four courses taken outside of Emory (study abroad programs, Bard Globalization and International Affairs and Washington Semester Programs, transfer and transient credits) that have been approved by the department.
  2. Students may not double major in Political Science and International Studies, nor may a student major in International Studies and minor in Political Science.
  3. No courses taken pass/fail (S/U) may count toward the major. This means that courses taken abroad in non-Emory approved programs, which as such receive only S/U grades, cannot count toward the major. The only exception is the Washington Semester Program or the Bard International Affairs and Globalization Program. Students may use up to eight hours (or two courses) of Washington Semester credit or Bard credit as elective credit towards the Political Science Major.
  4. One elective course can be satisfied by a POLS 496: Internship or a POLS 497: Directed Study. In addition, one elective course can be satisfied by a POLS 387: CLSS Independent Research or POLS 388: Research in Political Science.
  5. Any course with a POLS prefix may fulfill a major elective at appropriate level.
  6. Major status does not guarantee enrollment in any particular course. Some classes may require course prerequisites or other requirements for enrollment.
  7. Courses cross-listed between Political Science and another department or program will count as Political Science courses.