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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete45
Courses Required12
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The BA in Russian is no longer offered. Students who declared this major before Fall 2017 will be able to complete their course of study.

Students interested in Russian Language and Culture may now choose between two tracks in the Russian, East European and, Eurasian major.The first track will accommodate students interested in Russian language and culture. The second track aims to broaden the language requirement to include East European languages, and strengthen the intensity of interdisciplinary training. Click here for information on the REES major.


Information on Russian Major for those who declared this major before Fall 2017 only.

Immense in its geographic size and highly influential politically in its historical and cultural development, Russia, a colossal East-West, has entered the 21st century as a major player on the world stage. In its mediation on the country's catastrophic history, Russian culture continues to engage some of the most complex political and social issues: the country's major thinkers (philosophers, writers, scientists, artists) have commented upon these problems with unparalleled insight. An acquaintance with their thought will introduce students to some of the intense and subtle intellectual debates, international in their scope. For these reasons alone, a degree in Russian Languages and Cultures provides essential preparation for careers in law, international relations, the diplomatic corps, business, journalism, education, to name but a few of the professions open to our students.

Major in RUSSLLC provides intensive language training in Russian (the predominant language of Eurasia) with a concentrated interdisciplinary study of Russia and its culture. All majors will be expected to pass the department's proficiency interview in Russian.

Students majoring in Russian Studies are required to complete the following coursework:

3 courses (minimum 11 credits) of language training beyond the intermediate level (RUSS 202). Up to 8 credits in language study completed in approved study abroad programs can be applied. All course sequences must be approved by the department.

4 courses (minimum 14 credits) from courses in Russian literature, language, culture, history and politics (in at least two departments), approved by the Russian Major advisor. To assure breadth, coursework should reflect at least two different historical periods. Up to 4 credits from approved internships can be applied.

1 course (4 credits). An approved capstone seminar, entailing a serious writing and research component, offered by the Russian program (300 or 400- level course)


Russian 101, 102, 201, 202 or equivalent