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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete36
Courses Required10-14
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A minimum of 36 credit hours including the following:

  1. Three foundational courses numbered between SPAN 300 and 318.
  2. Four courses numbered above SPAN 400.
  3. At least three additional courses (electives) from the following: SPAN 212 or above, PORT 110 or 201, LING 101, one course in LACS. Other relevant courses may be used by petition of the DUS.

Additional information:

  • Most students use 11 or 12 courses to complete the 36-credit-hour minimum.
  • A maximum of four courses from fall or spring semester study abroad may be counted toward the major. (This limit does not apply to summer study abroad programs directed by departmental faculty.)
  • At least one 400-level seminar must be taught by departmental faculty.


Students enter the Spanish program at different levels, depending on their previous experience with the language.