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Nutrition ScienceMinor

Hours To Complete24
Courses Required8
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The following foundational courses are required to complete the minor

  1. HLTH 220: Introduction of Nutrition Science
  2. HLTH 320: Nutrition and Chronic Disease
  3. HLTH 321: Nutrition Across the Life Cycle
  4. HLTH 420: Mythbusters: Nutritional Facts and Fiction
  5. One Methods Course
  6. One Biological Foundations Course (at least 3 credit hours)
  7. One Social-cultural Perspectives Course (at least 3 credit hours)
  8. At least one elective course (at least 3 credit hours)


An additional course may be required to meet 24 credit unit overall requirement. The total courses must represent at least two different departments. No courses taken using S/U option may be applied towards the minor. Only one class can be double counted for major and the nutrition science minor. Other courses taken at Emory or abroad, or internships with an academic component, may be considered as a nutrition science elective, by petition.