Eating on Campus

Your college journey can take you just about anywhere, but one thing’s certain, you’re bound to get hungry along the way. Emory Dining gives you countless ways to satisfy your appetite – no matter what it’s asking for.

We have two anchor locations: Dobbs Market, a global cuisine market that provides you with endless opportunities to eat fresh, healthy options from around the world and Cox Hall Market, an a la carte quick –service dining experience.

You’ll also find seventeen additional dining options across the Emory campus. Wherever you decide to eat, you’ll discover that we do more than simply serve food around here. At Emory Dining, we honor the majesty of freshness. We bask in the glory of flavor. We make sure you savor every single bite.

Dining Plan

Emory offers students an assortment of dining plans at varying costs per semester. Entering First Year classes have one meal plan designed to meet their needs and ensure that getting a good meal is not a concern as they begin their college experience. The plan offers open access to the Dobbs Market and an amount of Dooley Dollars that the student can spend at any of the many dining locations across campus. Second-year students have a choice of additional dining plans from which to choose. They may take advantage of dining at Dobbs Market or other residential dining locations along with Dooley Dollars.  Students who keep Kosher or follow Halal diet may choose dining Plan K.  In addition to limited access to Dobbs Market, this dining plan entitles you to 11 meals per week catered by an approved Glatt Kosher cater, assuring the highest level of kashrut.

Continuing students may choose from a range of plans at different costs per semester. Those who live in University-operated residence halls must sign up for the minimum dining plan offered. The minimum plan typically will not cover most students’ food needs for an entire semester. Graduate students may sign up for any of the meal plans including a specific discount meal plan for graduate students only.   For details and terms of the various meal plans, see the Community brochure or check the website.