Students are expected to be aware of and abide by specific policies formulated by Emory University concerning speakers invited to campus. What follows is a brief summary; the full statements of these policies, as well as those of other University policies, are published annually in the Campus Life Handbook.

When a student organization invites a speaker from outside the University to speak on campus, the event is the shared responsibility of the inviting student organization and the University. In keeping with the principle of academic freedom, Emory University supports and encourages the exchange of ideas within the University community, including ideas that may be unpopular or controversial. To this end, the University is committed to providing a forum for student-sponsored expression of divergent points of view. At the same time, the University encourages civility and has the obligation to address issues of safety and disruptive conduct. The president or the president’s designee(s) reserve(s) the right to modify the circumstances or withdraw the invitation to speak when a risk of violence or substantial disruption of the operation of the University can reasonably be foreseen.