Emergency Notification

Emory uses e.Notify (, a text message notification system, to send out emergency alert messages.

In order to receive an e-notification, it is recommended to subscribe by adding cell phone numbers to Emory's Emergency Notify System. All staff, faculty, and students are recommended to sign-up for this free service.

Emergency Phones

There are more than 124 Blue Light phones ( contacts) located throughout the Emory University campus. Blue Light emergency telephones link users directly and exclusively to the Emory Police Department Communications Center. Use these phones to report crime, fire, medical emergencies, or to request a police escort.

Emory Police Department

The Police Department is a state-certified law enforcement agency that provides a variety of public safety services to the Emory community including law enforcement services and security systems services. Law enforcement services include criminal investigations, uniformed police services, crime prevention, and community relations programs. Security systems services include locksmithing services and the installation and maintenance of card access systems, alarm systems, and CCTV camera systems.