Emory University Student Health and Counseling Services (http://studenthealth.emory.edu/) empowers students to take responsibility for their health and complements the academic mission of the university by providing unified medical, counseling and health promotion services that result in a healthy campus culture. Student Health and Counseling Services is committed to providing caring professional clinical services to a diverse student body and to reducing the stigma associated with seeking mental health services.

Students are involved in promoting a healthy campus culture through volunteer activities with student organizations including the Healthy Campus Coalition, Student Health Advisory Committee (SHAC), Alliance for Sexual Assault Prevention (ASAP), Helpline, Active Minds, Sexual Assault Peer Advocates (SAPA) as well as individual projects, health promotion internships and course assignments.

Emory students are responsible for notifying professors or instructors of absences caused by illness or injury. EUSHCS providers do not write medical excuses for missed classes or examinations. Of course, EUSHCS healthcare providers can supply the necessary documentation for extended illnesses or injuries, including those necessitating medical withdrawal from classes.