Major Code: ANCMED
BA degree awarded
36 hours to complete
11-12 courses required
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Drawing on courses taught by faculty in seven Emory departments, the Ancient Mediterranean Studies major allows students to work with an advisor in developing a focused program of study.

A minimum of 36 credit hours is required (usually 11-12 courses).

Core Introductory courses (two courses)

  • ANCMED 101: Introduction to Ancient Mediterranean Societies (required)
    • Social, anthropological and historical aspects of two or more Mediterranean cultures from a comparative perspective.
  • ANCMED 201R: Mediterranean Archaeology
    • Cultural history of the ancient Mediterranean through an examination fot eh materials, methods, and history of archaeology


  • ANCMED 202R: Literature and Traditions
    • Interdisciplinary study of texts and themes for Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt,  and the Near East  

Language  Courses

Two courses in an ancient Mediterranean language (usually ancient Hebrew, Greek,  or Latin),  one of which must be at the 200 level or above.

Additional Program Courses 

Six or seven courses, drawn from at least three different participating departments, of which three must be at the 300 level or above.  Course should be chosen with consultation of program advisor.

Senior Research  -- ANCMED 498 –  Thesis written under advisor from the Program faculty.

[Students with a GPA of 3.5. are eligible to participate in the College Honors Program and substitute ANCMED 495A and ANCMED 495BW for ANCMED 498 – Honors Indendent writing.]