Major Code: ANTH
BA degree awarded
36 hours to complete
12 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department:


A bachelor of arts degree in anthropology requires a minimum of twelve anthropology courses of 3 or 4 credit hours, with a minimum of a C average in the major. A maximum combined total of eight hours of ANT 397R (Directed Readings), ANT 495 (Honors), and ANT 497R (Undergraduate Research) may be applied toward the major.  Only one 100 level course may be used to satisfy the BA requirements (for a total of four 100 level credits). No courses taken using the S/U option may be applied toward the major. A maximum of twelve credit hours earned off the Emory campus may be applied toward the major. Note: Petitions for course substitutions and exceptions will be considered by the Anthropology Undergraduate Concerns Committee. The courses required for the BA must be distributed as follows:

Required Courses
BA majors must take both:

  1. Anthropology 201: Concepts and Methods in Biological Anthropology
  2. Anthropology 202: Concepts and Methods in Cultural Anthropology

In addition, all BA majors are required to take one course from the Ant 280R: Anthropological Perspectives on a World area series

Course offerings for additional courses required for the major can be found in the Course Atlas each semester.