Major Code: BIOLOGY
BA degree awarded
38 hours to complete
11 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department:


The BA degree requires at least 38 credit hours, including a minimum of nine biology classes totaling 30 hours.  These nine biology classes must include:

  • Biology 141 and Biology 142 with labs

  • One course from each of the following three areas: A) cell and molecular biology, B) organismal biology, and C) ecology/evolution

  • Four elective classes (12 credit hours minimum) from the biology course listings (excluding Biology 120, 160, 190, and 497), no more than one of which is cross-listed and originates in another department (see NOTES below).

  • One upper level laboratory course is also required within the 30 hours minimum of biology.

  • Chemistry 141 and 142 with labs are also required.


Biology 141 and 142 are prerequisites for all upper level courses in biology.

A "C" average is required in the Biology and Chemistry classes necessary for the major.

All courses required for the Biology major must be taken for a letter grade.

Only one cross-listed course that originates in another department may be counted for the biology major.  These courses are subject to change, and currently include: Biol/Psych 320, Biol/Psych 325, Biol/Chem 330, Biol/ENVS 345, Biol/Chem 346L, Biol 356/NBB 358, Biol/NBB 361, Biol 385 (Phys 380/NBB 370), Biol/Psych 440, and certain Biol 285, 385, and 485 courses.  This also applies to certain ECS 490 courses with biological topics (check with the Biology Department office)

2 credit hour courses may be taken for elective credit; however, additional biology courses will be needed to fulfill the 12 hours of elective credit required.

4 credit hours of Biology 495 (Honors Research) or Biology 499R (non-Honors Undergraduate Research) may be counted as both elective credit and an upper-level lab only after completion of the second semester of 495 or 499R.

An AP score of 4 or 5 on the Biology AP exam, or an IB score of at least 5, will exempt students from Biology 141 only.  Biology 142 will still be required.  It is also recommended that transfer students without a Genetics class enroll in Biology 142.

All Biology majors are required to meet with their Biology advisor every semester during pre-registration.  An enrollment hold is placed on all Biology major’s OPUS accounts each semester until they have met with Biology advisor.