Major Code: DNCMVST
BA degree awarded
37 hours to complete
21 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department(s):

Program Contact Information
Rich Building, Suite 115
1602 Fishburne Dr.
Atlanta, GA 30322

Admissions / Prerequisites

Auditions for the major and minor are not required.


Students must complete a minimum of thirty-seven hours within a planned program of dance and movement courses and courses in related disciplines.

  • All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

  • Dance courses with the letter “R” are designed to be taken up to three times for credit.

  • The upper levels of ballet (DANC 421R) and modern (DANC 423R) may be taken up to nine times for credit for advanced level students.

  • The Emory Dance Company (DANC 207R) may be taken up to eight times for credit. Emory Dance Company holds auditions.

6 Required Core Courses (16 Hours)

All of the following courses are required:

  • DANC 220 - History of Western Concert Dance (4 hours)

  • DANC 240 - Dance Literacy (3 hours)

  • DANC 127R - World Dance Forms (1 hour)

  • DANC 250 - Choreography I (3 hours)

  • DANC 329 - Contemporary Issues (4 hours)

  • DANC 150R - Movement Improv (1 hour)

8 Technique Courses (8 Hours)

  • Five modern courses (2 courses must be above 200 level): DANC 123R, DANC 223R, DANC 323R, DANC 423R

  • Two ballet courses: DANC 121R, DANC 221R, DANC 321R, DANC 421R

  • One elective movement course in  improv, jazz, modern, ballet, or world dance

Performance Courses (4 Hours)

  • Dance 207R Emory Dance Company (1-2 hours)

  • Dance 307R Emory Dance on Tour (2 hours)

  • Dance 491R Special Projects Performance (variable credit)

2 Somatic Courses (2 Hours)

  • DANC 225 Fitness for Dancers (PPF) (1 hour)

  • Dance 227 Awareness in Motion: The Alexander (1 hour)

  • Dance 499R Somatic Practices (1 hour)

2 Electives in Composition, History, Theory, Analysis, Education, Performance, and Arts (a minimum of 8 hours)