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Emory College offers a dual-degree program that allows students to pursue study in either arts or science at Emory and engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology. In this way, students receive a well-rounded liberal arts background from one of the best colleges in the U.S., while also taking engineering courses from one of the nation’s premier universities. Students who participate in this program earn both a baccalaureate degree from Emory in the field of their choice and a B.S. degree from Georgia Tech in one of these fields:

  • Aerospace (AE)

  • Biomedical (BME)

  • Chemical (ChE)

  • Civil (CE)

  • Computer (CmpE)

  • Electrical (EE)

  • Industrial (ISyE)

  • Materials Science (MSE)

  • Mechanical (ME)

  • Nuclear & Radiological (NRE)

  • Polymer & Fiber (PTFE)

In order to receive the bachelor's degree from Emory, you will need to satisfy Emory college graduation requirements. Normally, the program requires five years of study. Students spend three years in Emory College, then two years at Georgia Tech. Both the Emory College degree (either a B.A. or a B.S., depending on your major) and the Georgia Tech degree (B.S. in engineering) are awarded at the end of the program when you have met the graduation requirements for both degrees.

Curriculum and Courses

Over the course of three years in Emory College, you must complete:

Emory College General Education Requirements

The General Education Requirements are the requirements for all Emory college students and must be fulfilled at Emory. However, The Senior Writing Requirement will be waived upon completion of the program. A number of the pre-engineering required courses fulfill General Education requirements.

Major Requirements

Emory college students need to choose a major and satisfy the requirements of this major in order to graduate with a bachelor's degree from Emory.

In some cases, courses offered by the corresponding department at Georgia Tech may be accepted by Emory College for credit toward the major. Students should consult with an Emory College major advisor to determine which courses will be accepted, as well as consult with a Georgia Tech advisor to be certain that one’s engineering curriculum can include these courses as electives.

Dual degree students are not required to major in a science, though Physics, Math and CS have been the most popular majors of students applying for the program. You need not major in mathematics or in a science to participate in this program. Most majors can be completed within three years if you plan your program carefully, although one or two majors (e.g., mathematics/computer science) may require an additional semester or summer of study.


Early in your first year, you should make an appointment with Lauren Braun (, 404-727-6040) As the Emory advisor for dual-degree candidates; she will help you develop a program that will enable you to complete both the general education and the pre-engineering requirements. She will also work with you and your major advisor to ensure that you complete your major requirements before you enroll at Georgia Tech.

Below are suggested courses many of which can double-count for Georgia Tech and the home institution. These are suggested courses you may elect to enroll for they are required for your Georgia Tech degree and may count for your home institution degree.

  • Economics (GT’s ECON 2100, 2105, or 2106)

  • Ethics (GT’s PST 3105)

  • History (GT’s POL 1101, PUBP 3000, or INTA 1200)

To ensure that the above mentioned courses have a direct GT equivalent, check the GT equivalency table by accessing

Completion of the above courses with a cumulative grade-point-average (GPA) and a GPA in math and science classes of 3.0 will satisfy Georgia Tech’s minimum admission requirements for Dual Degree students. For more information and to download a PDF of the admission requirements for Dual Degree at GA-Tech use the below links:

Eligibility, Application & Financial Aid

Program eligibility

The program is open to Emory College students whose course grades and standardized tests scores indicate that they could satisfactorily complete the degree requirements for the chosen major at Emory and the engineering program at Georgia Tech.

Students whose standardized test scores are comparable to those of the average Emory College student and who earn a B average during their first three years in the College are qualified candidates for this program. Georgia Tech requires a 3.0 GPA overall, and a 3.0 science and math GPA.

Admission Process

  1. Complete of All Emory graduation requirements.

  2. Complete the Georgia Tech Transfer Application (online via: by the October 1st application deadline for spring semester and February 1st for the Summer and Fall semesters. You will need your coordinator’s name when you apply- it is Lauren Braun and her email address is lauren.a.braun She will be emailed the recommendation form so it is very important that you put his name down as coordinator/advisor.

  3. Pay the application fee on line.

  4. Submit official transcripts from all colleges/universities attended. If you have attended another college or university other than your home institution, it is necessary for you to send those transcripts as well. For institutions outside the US, a Course-by-Course with GPA evaluation from either Josef Silny ( or World Education Services ( is mandatory. The evaluation should be sent directly to: Office of Undergraduate Admission Georgia Institute of Technology Atlanta, GA 30332-0320.

  5. Completion of the On-line Dual Degree/RETP recommendation form by your coordinator. You must submit your coordinator’s name and email on the on-line application. **Please submit Lauren Braun and for your coordinator’s name**

Note: Please print a copy of your Georgia Tech Transfer Application for your records. If you have been awarded AP course credit for any of the admission-required courses, we can potentially transfer that credit in one of two ways:

  1. GT will award credit directly based on your AP test scores, for the test/scores outlined on the chart at Please contact the College Board to have any AP scores sent directly to Georgia Tech.

  2. If your school has given you placement credit based on AP scores or other placement tests, we may transfer that credit just like any other course you may have taken so long as your official transcript lists the actual course credit that was awarded. The transcript must show actual course credit -- listing the course name and number, number of credit hours awarded, and some type of "grade" such as TR indicating Transfer, CR for Credit, etc.

To see how previous course work will transfer from other universities, please use the Transfer Equiv. table at For any courses that are not already listed on the table, it does not mean that they will not necessarily transfer; rather they must be evaluated by the appropriate academic department at Tech first.


GA Tech Transfer Students Application Deadlines


Application deadline


March 1


October 1


February 1

For Current Emory College and Oxford College of Emory University students ONLY:

Program Registration:

Dual Degree Engineering students at Emory University must register with the Dual Degree office every fall semester.  Registration affirms your intent to pursue the program and enrolls you on the Emory College Dual Degree mailing list.

Prospective Students and Parents:

Advisors are available for Emory University and Oxford College at Emory University admitted and matriculated students only.

All prospective students should contact the Emory University Office of Admissions to help ascertain if the Dual Degree Program is a good match for you.

Program Contact Information

Lauren Braun