Major Code: JEWISH
BA degree awarded
35 - 38 hours to complete
10 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department:


Students majoring in Jewish studies are required to complete ten courses (minimum thirty-five credit hours), all of which must be taken for a letter grade, divided in the following manner:

  • Three credit hours from the core requirement course, which is Jewish Studies 101;

  • Eight credit hours in Hebrew or other Jewish language;

  • Twenty credit hours from electives, five of which must be above the 100 level, two of which must be four credits, including three topical areas (History and Civilization, Language and Literature, Religion and Culture) and three chronological areas (Ancient, Medieval, and Modern),

  • One four credit 400-level senior seminar. 

Students have the option of taking one related course not cross-listed with Jewish studies, with their adviser’s approval.