Major Code: LACS
BA degree awarded
48 hours to complete
12 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department:


Twelve semester-long courses are required:

a. Seven courses (core and elective) must focus primarily on Latin America and/or the Caribbean. Of the seven courses, four must be “core courses” and three must be electives. Students can choose their four "core courses" from the following list:

  • HIST 211: Latin American History
  • One 300 Level History Class (HIST 360: History of Mexico; HIST 361: History of Brazil; HIST 362: History of the Caribbean; or any other 300 level HIST Latin American course)
  • LACS 101 - Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Studies
  • SPAN 300: Reading in Spanish- Texts and Contexts
  • PORT 200: Intermediate Portuguese
  • Stipulation: Students who complete SPAN 300 may choose to fulfill a core requirement with an additional 3,4 or 5 credit language course provided that it is a Spanish course numbered above SPAN 300. If another language course relevant to Latin American and the Caribbean other than Spanish or Portuguese is chosen, it must be 200-level or above.

Of the electives, a minimum of one course must be taken in an LACS course; and a minimum of one course must be taken in a social science discipline.

b. Five courses will fulfill the “disciplinary concentration” requirement and must be chosen from the offerings in a single departmental discipline (e.g. art history, anthropology, political science, history, Spanish, economics, religion, etc.). These five courses must be chosen from among those that count towards the major in that discipline, and need not be Latin American or Caribbean in content.