Major Code: MATHPOLS
BA degree awarded
43 hours to complete
14 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department(s):


A student may complete a joint major in political science and mathematics by fulfilling the following requirements:

  1. Pols 100 and either 110 or 120

  2. Math 111, 112, 211, 212, 221, 361, and 362

  3. One course from the following: Pols 208, 309, 310

  4. Three electives in political science at the 300 level or above that employ the methods of Pols 208, 309, or 310. These must be chosen from American politics, international relations, or comparative politics; a student choosing electives must be preapproved by the student’s adviser.

  5. One preapproved seminar in political science at the 400 level or above.

Note: POLS 100 may be satisfied by credit allowed by the College, such as AP or IB Credit, etc.