Major Code: PHILREL
BA degree awarded
56 hours to complete
14 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department(s):


Aminimum of fifty-six hours (fourteen courses) as follows:

A.    Sixteen hours (four courses): One course selected from Religion 301–320; Religion 300; Philosophy 250; and either Philosophy 251 or 300.

B.    Thirty-six hours (nine courses) from the two departments with at least three courses from each department, including two courses in the religion department at the 300 level or above, and no more than two courses at the 100 level.

C.    Philosophy/Religion 470 (joint seminar in philosophy and religion), or (with the permission of the directors of undergraduate studies in both departments) Philosophy 490 or Religion 490WR or Philosophy 492R. The course work of individual students should be organized, in consultation with
an adviser, towards the study of a cluster of related subjects, or a specific theme, by the beginning of the senior year. Four hours in directed reading on a chosen topic will be recommended. Honors in the joint major in the philosophy department and the religion department may be earned by satisfying the honors requirements of either department.