Major Code: PHYSICS
BS degree awarded
64 hours to complete
16 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department:


The BS is designed for those students who wish to complete a concentrated program of study in physics covering all of the standard undergraduate physics curriculum typically expected for admission to graduate school or to prepare for work in physics or physics-related fields. Areas of study will include mechanics, electricity and magnetism, quantum mechanics, thermal physics, mathematical methods of physics, advanced laboratory techniques, and optics. Most BS majors will have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research projects if they are interested in doing so.

Required: Physics 151, 152, 253, 320, 361, 365, 421, 432, 444, 461, two physics electives, and Mathematics 111, 112, 211P, and 212. At least one of the electives must be at the 300 level or higher, and the other elective must be at the 200 level or higher. BS degree students are encouraged to become involved in the research programs in the department as early as possible, either informally, or formally by enrollment in Physics 499 (which can count as one elective).