Major Code: PSYCH
BA degree awarded
39 hours to complete
12 courses required
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Emory’s Department of Psychology is well known for its preparation of undergraduate students and for its graduate programs in clinical psychology, cognition and development, and neuroscience and animal behavior. Faculty members are actively engaged in teaching, and they conduct research that addresses important questions with state-of-the-art methods. Opportunities for independent study and research projects under faculty guidance available. The BA program in psychology consists of a minimum of eleven psychology courses (thirty-six hours) to include the following:

I. Four foundation courses – All foundation courses must be completed no later than the end of the first semester of the senior year.

A. Fundamentals of Psychology as a Behavioral Science

Introduction to Psychology—Psychology 110 and 111
Students must complete a two-semester introductory sequence in psychology—Psychology 110, Introduction to Psychology I: Psychobiology and Cognition, and Psychology 111, Introduction to Psychology II: Development, Social Behavior, and Individual Differences. These courses provide all majors with a general orientation to the methods, content areas, and central findings of psychology. We recommend that they be taken before any other psychology course . Students who have received AP credit from the college by scoring a 4 or 5 on the advanced placement test in psychology will be exempted from Psychology 111. These students must take an additional elective course to replace Psychology 111, and must take Psychology 110 to complete the introductory requirement. Students who completed a one-semester introductory psychology course will receive credit for Psychology 111, and must take Psychology 110 to complete the introductory requirement.

B. Psychological Inquiry Sequence
Quantitative Theory and Methods (QTM) 100 and Psychology 200WR may not be taken concurrently. Student must complete the psychological inquiry sequence no later than the end of the first semester of the senior year.

1.Introduction to Statistical Inference – QTM 100
Because adequate understanding of original source material in psychology is impossible without basic statistical literacy, students are required to take a course in statistics. Psychology majors must meet this requirement by taking the QTM 100 statistics course offered by the Institute for Quantitative Theory and Methods.

2. Laboratory Methods—Psychology 200WR
This course provides students with a basic understanding of methods in psychology through conducting studies and evaluating published research. Introduction to Statistical Methods (QTM 100) is a prerequisite and therefore must be completed prior to this course.

II. Three Breadth Courses

The purpose of the breadth requirement is to ensure that all majors acquire systematic knowledge in the chief subfields of psychology. All majors must take at least one of the courses listed for each of the following three areas:

A. Social, Personality, and Applied

Psychology 210 Adult Abnormal Psychology
Psychology 211 Childhood Psychopathology
Psychology 212 Social Psychology
Psychology 315 Psychology of Family Relationships
Psychology 330 Personality Theories
Psychology 350 Behavior Modification

B. Neuroscience and Animal Behavior

Psychology 103 or 207 Brain and Behavior
Psychology 303 Evolution of Acquired Behavior
Psychology 320 Animal Behavior
Psychology 322 Neural Basis of Learning & Memory
Psychology 323 Drugs and Behavior
Psychology 325 Primate Social Psychology
Psychology 353 Behavioral Neuroscience

C. Cognition and Development

Psychology 205 Child Development
Psychology 209 Perception and Action
Psychology 215 Cognition
Psychology 218 Infancy
Psychology 302 Human Learning and Memory
Psychology 309 Brain and Language
Psychology 310 Cognitive Development

III. Five Elective Courses –

Students must take five additional courses offered by the department, with the exception of 190, Freshman Seminar; 495A/B, Honors; and 498R, Directed Reading; and 499R, Directed Research. Students may count one (1) three-hour enrollment in Psyc 499R, Directed Research; only ONE such enrollment may count towards the major.