Major Code: REESBA
BA degree awarded
36 hours to complete
10 courses required
For the Declaration of Major Form, contact the department(s):


Emory’s Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies Program (REES) stimulates and enhances education and research about the former Soviet Union, Eastern and Central Europe and Eurasia – a global area that defines the pivotal crossroads between the West and the East. A complex and richly textured array of cultures and peoples, the area of Russia, East Europe, and Eurasia has been the site of numerous political, economic, and geographic changes, particularly since the collapse of the Soviet Union. The REES major is designed for students interested in a multi-and inter-disciplinary understanding of this global region, and includes courses in politics, law, film, language, and other related disciplines.

The credits will be distributed as follows:

  • Two full-year courses (16 credits minimum) in Russian or other languages in our global area. Up to 8 language credits from approved study abroad programs can be applied. All course progressions must be approved by the department

  • REES 200 or RUSS 270 or equivalent (3 credits minimum)

  • 4 approved courses (14 credits minimum) in area studies from at least two departments represented in REES

  • A capstone seminar (3 or 4 credits) offered by RUSS/REES program (300 or 400-level course) approved by REES advisor