22 hours to complete
7 courses required
For the Declaration of Minor Form, contact the department:

Program Contact Information

Prof. Judith Rohrer
Office M41, Carlos Hall
Atlanta, GA 30322


Twenty-two hours including:

ARTHIST 103: Understanding Architecture (3 hours)
It is recommended that this course be taken in the Freshman or Sophomore year as a prerequisite for higher level courses in architecture history.

Two Visual Arts courses (two 4-hour courses)
It is recommended that one of the studio courses be ARTHIST 104: Drawing I.

ARTHIST 210: Introduction to Computer Assisted Design (3 hours), when available, can be taken to substitute for one of the required studio courses. 

Four courses (minimum 12 hours) with an emphasis on architecture. Courses which fulfill this requirement include (but are not limited to):

ARTHIST 221: The Art and Architecture of Ancient Greece

ARTHIST 232: Monastery and Cathedral, 900-1300

ARTHIST 251: Architecture and City Planning in Europe, 1550 - 1800

ARTHIST 275: Modern Architecture: 1880-1945

ARTHIST 276: Contemporary Architecture

ARTHIST 329 (Special Studies: Ancient Greek Architecture; Ancient Greek Sanctuaries)

ARTHIST 359 (Special Studies: Bernini; Italian Gardens and Villas)

ARTHIST 389 (Special Studies when the topic is African Architecture)

ARTHIST 369 (Special Studies when the topic is related to 19th or 20th century architecture, e.g., Gaudí, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Le Corbusier; the Architecture  of Museums; or The Bauhaus ).

Occasional 400-level seminars in architectural history will also be offered, e.g. Parthenon/ Pantheon; Architectural Competitions; Body/Building. Students minoring in Architectural Studies should consult the architecture coordinator with regard to which courses may fulfill requirements in any given semester.