22 hours to complete
7 courses required
For the Declaration of Minor Form, contact the department:


Twenty-two credit hours including:

  • Eighteen credit hours (six courses) of art history; two of those courses (6 credit hours)must be at the 300 level or above       

  • Four credit hours (one course) of any visual arts class.

One of the introductory survey courses (ARTHIST 101 or 102) may be applied to the minor, but not to the four divisions (see below).

Minors will normally be expected to take at least one course in each of at least three of the following divisions:

  1. Ancient Mediterranean

  2. Medieval, Renaissance and Baroque Europe

  3. Modern and Contemporary art and architecture in Europe, the United States,Africa, and the African Diaspora

  4. Ancient Americas, Africa, Islam, and Asia

Neither Honors (ARTHIST 495), nor an Internship (ARTHIST 397) apply to the minor.

NOTE: The College permits only one course (3 or 4 credit hours) taken S/U to apply to the minor upon approval of the department.

The minor concentration in art history responds to the needs of those students pursuing a major in another field who would like to expand their knowledge of the art of various cultures and of art-historical research methods. The minor offers flexibility in the selection of courses to suit the interests of students in other fields of the humanities or sciences seeking the broad cultural perspective that art history provides.