12 - 36 hours to complete
4-8 courses required
For the Declaration of Minor Form, contact the department:


The Chinese minor requires:

1. Language courses

a. Students who do not have any background or have had very little experience in Chinese take CHN 101, 102, 201, and 202.

b. Students whose Chinese oral proficiency is close to that of Chinese native speakers, but who have little or no reading and writing skills in Chinese, take CHN 103 and 203.

Choice of a. or b. is determined by placement test. Students can waive the requirement by demonstrating competency beyond 202 or 203 through placement test.

2. Electives

In addition to satisfying the requirements in (1), students minoring in Chinese must take 4 courses in Chinese language, literature and cultural studies with no less than 12 credits. Up to four credits may be fulfilled through courses offered outside REALC, but 50% or more of the course content must be on China. No more than one lecture course from non-Emory administered study-abroad programs or CHN 496 (Language Internship) may be counted towards the minor. No more than two of the four can be language courses. New courses are added regularly. Please contact the department for current list.

No course for the minor may be taken S/U. Students must receive at least a C in each course taken for the minor.


CHN 210: Chinese Calligraphy

CHN/EAS/ARTVIS 215: Chinese Arts, Culture, and Society through Calligraphy

CHN 230: Description and Analysis of the Chinese Language

CHN/EAS/LING 235: Chinese Writing Systems in Asia

CHN 271: Modern China in Film and Fiction

CHN 272: Literature in Early and Imperial China

CHN 273: Heritage of China

CHN 301: Advanced Chinese I

CHN 302: Advanced Chinese II

CHN 315: Study Abroad (Lecture course)

CHN 351: Business Chinese

CHN 359: Chinese Women and Religion

CHN 360: Chinese Women in Film and Fiction

CHN 373: Confucian Classics

CHN 375: Special Topics in Chinese Studies

CHN/EAS/REL 388: The Cultural Revolution: Language, Religion, Arts and Media

CHN 394: Screening China

CHN 401: Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese I

CHN 402: Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese II

CHN 403: Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHN 404: Post-Mao Literature in the Original

CHN 471W: Tradition in Modern China

CHN 496: Chinese Language Internship

ANT 280: Anthropological Perspectives: China

HIST 373: History of Modern China

HIST/POL 385: US China Relations

MUS 372: Chinese Music and Culture

REL 210: Classic Religious Texts: Taoism

REL 255: Chinese Buddhism

REL 307 / EAS 317 East Asian Buddhism