Minor Code: CBSCMIN
20 hours to complete
5 courses required

Program Contact Information

Associate Professor Michael Rich
Suite 422-W
1256 Briarcliff Road, NE
Atlanta, GA 30322

Admissions / Prerequisites

The minor is only available to those students accepted into the Community Building and Social Change Fellows Program.  For further information on the Community Building Fellows Program please contact Kate Grace, program director, at kdgrace@emory.edu.


The minor in Community Building and Social Change is designed to offer students from a variety of majors an introduction to the challenges and opportunities for revitalizing and strengthening communities in contemporary urban America.  The minor comprises twenty semester hours.

Required Courses

Students must complete a three course sequence in community building and social change that includes Community Building and Social Change I (POLS/SOC/CBSC 370A), Planning and Evaluating Community-Based Initiatives (POLS/SOC/CBSC 370B), and Practicum in Community Building (POLS 492R).

Elective Courses

In addition, two elective courses (eight semester hours) must be taken.  The program maintains a current list of courses that may be used to satisfy this requirement.