20 hours to complete
at least 6 courses required
For the Declaration of Minor Form, contact the department:


  1. Twenty credits required, including the Development Studies Foundations team taught course (IDS 207) and the 2-credit Capstone Seminar (IDS 392). Thus, at least 4 courses plus the Foundations and Capstone.

  2. Students must take at least one course in two of the three divisions of the university (social sciences, natural sciences, and humanities) and can count no more than two courses from their major toward the requirements for the minor.

  3. The 2-hour capstone seminar will allow the student to produce a final product for the minor. Capstone experiences can be supervised by any appropriate faculty member or study abroad faculty member and may be carried out in a course or non-course experience, in relation to an Honor’s thesis project and research. Registration in the capstone seminar will provide a community of DS minors and allow final development of a development studies-related product.

  4. A rotating Steering Committee of four faculty members from different disciplines will provide guidance and supervision throughout the student’s progress through the Minor and will meet with students twice during the semester of their capstone experience.