Minor Code: EASMIN
16 hours to complete
5 courses required
For the Declaration of Minor Form, contact the department(s):


Five courses (at least 16 hours) with East Asian content above the 100 level are required, as follows:

  1. Two language courses (6 credits minimum) in the student's area of emphasis.

  2. One core course (4 credits): EAS 250 "Introduction to East Asian Studies" or EAS 450 "Seminar in East Asian Studies". 

  3. Two elective courses (at least 6 credits) from two areas of study represented in the program: East Asian languages and linguistics. (List A); literature (List B); history and politics (List C); cultural studies (List D); and religion and thought (List E).

Courses in East Asian Studies

EAS 250 Introduction to East Asian Studies

EAS 385R    Special Topics in East Asian Studies

EAS450 Seminar in East Asian Studies

East Asian Studies Courses Across Campus:

A: Languages and Linguistics

CHN 101 Elementary Chinese I

CHN 102 Elementary Chinese II

CHN 103 Elementary Chinese for Heritage Speakers

CHN 201 Intermediate Chinese I

CHN 202 Intermediate Chinese II

CHN 203 Intermediate Chinese for Heritage Speakers

CHN 230 Description and Analysis of the Chinese Language

CHN 301 Advanced Chinese I: Oral/Written Communication

CHN 302 Advanced Chinese II: Oral/Written Communication

CHN 303 Advanced Chinese for Heritage Students

CHN 351 Business Chinese

CHN 401 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese I

CHN 402 Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese II

CHN 403 Introduction to Classical Chinese

CHN 404 Post-Mao Literature in the Original

JPN 101 Elementary Japanese I

JPN 102 Elementary Japanese II

JPN 201 Intermediate Japanese I

JPN 202 Intermediate Japanese II

JPN 301 Advanced Conversation and Composition I

JPN 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition II

JPN 401 Advanced Language and Cultural Studies I

JPN 402 Advanced Language and Cultural Studies II

JPN 403 Advanced Language and Cultural Studies III

JPN 404 Advanced Language and Cultural Studies IV

KRN 101 Elementary Korean I

KRN 102 Elementary Korean II

KRN 103 Interm Korean I-Heritage Spkr

KRN 201 Intermediate Korean I

KRN 202 Intermediate Korean II

KRN 203 Interm Korean II-Heritage Spkr

B: Literature

CHN 271 Modern China in Film and Fiction

CHN 272 Literature in Early and Imperial China

CHN 360 Chinese Women in Film and Fiction

JPN 303 Reading Literature in Japanese

JPN 360 Japanese Modern Women Writers

JPN 361 The Genji: Sensuality and Salvation

JPN 362 Samurai, Shoguns and Women Warriors

JPN 372 Modern Japanese Literature in English Translation

JPN 374 Japanese Literature: Reading and Writing the Classics

C: History and Politics

CHN 210 Chinese Calligraphy

CHN 215 Chinese Art, Culture, and Society through Calligraphy

CHN 235 Chinese Writing Systems in Asia

HIST 260 East Asia: 1500 to Present

HIST 371 Medieval and Early Modern Japan

HIST 372 History of Modern Japan

HIST 373 History of Modern China

HIST 385 US-China Relations

HIST 489 Senior Colloquium in East Asian History

JPN 275 Nature and Culture in Japan

KRN 386 Special Topics

POLS 322 Politics of Southeast Asia

POLS 328 Politics of Japan and East Asia

POLS 375 Contemporary Chinese Politics

D: Cultural Studies

CHN 273 Heritage of China

CHN 394 Screening China

CHN 471 Tradition in Modern China - seminar

MUS 300 World Music Ensembles

JPN 270 Introduction to Japanese Culture

JPN 363 Literary and Visual Culture in Japan

JPN 378 Postwar Japan through Its Media

KRN 386 Special Topics

MUS 366 Music Beyond Orientalism: Hybrid Sounds and Identity

MUS 371 Chinese Music and Culture

MUS 372 East Asian Musical Cultures

E: Religion and Thought

ANT 337 Religion, Health, and Healing

CHN 359 Women and Religion in China

CHN 373 Confucian Classics

REL 210 Classic Religious Texts: Taoism

REL 212 Asian Religious Traditions: China and Japan

REL 307 East Asian Buddhism