Minor Code: SCSMIN
20 hours to complete
6-7 courses required
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Program Contact Information

Ari Eisen Ph.D.

Admissions / Prerequisites

The goal of the minor in Science, Culture, & Society is to expand the context of traditional science majors into the humanities and that of traditional humanities and social sciences majors into the natural sciences.  The minor engages students in intense discussion and research in complex interdisciplinary issues like race, bioterror, addiction, technology, consciousness, and human well-being.  Students approach science from non-traditional directions or through interdisciplinary connections such as science and literature, science writing, or science and the arts.


20 credits to complete

Additional Information

The interdisciplinary Science, Culture, & Society Minor is administered through the Graduate Institute of Liberal Arts (ILA) and its Interdisciplinary Studies in Culture and Society (IDS) program, through which students can also design their own major in Science & Society. The ILA also offers majors in American Studies and Medieval and Renaissance Studies, and a minor in Sustainability.