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PE Waiver for ROTC Participants, Military Service Members, and Veterans

Students who participate in the Reserve Officer Training Corps program or who are military service members or veterans (either of the United States or other nations) honorably discharged (or its equivalent) may receive a waiver from the Physical Education General Education Requirement for Emory College. The purpose of the waiver is to assist military and veteran students in completing their degrees without requiring them to duplicate their efforts, given the significant focus the military places on physical preparation.

This waiver applies both to the PED requirement and to the PPF requirement, which are each a single non-academic credit. Students with these waivers will be required to complete 125 total credit hours (124 academic credits plus 1 non-academic credit for Health 101) required for graduation.

ROTC students may request a waiver from the PE requirements after completing their first year in the ROTC program. Military service members and veterans may request a waiver from the PE requirements once they enroll in Emory College. ROTC students, service members or veterans should request this waiver from their OUE advisor, who will collect any necessary documentation. OUE will then enter an exception in the Degree Tracker and create a note in the student’s record that the PE waiver was granted.