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Transient Study (study at other colleges)

Transient Study before 64 Credit Hours

For entering first-year students, a combined 18 credit hours of the following types of credit may be granted (transfer students may transfer a maximum of 62 credit hours. See Advanced Placement and Exemption – Information for Incoming Transfer Students). Credit hours may count towards the General Education Requirements (GERs), or towards major or minor requirements with departmental approval. Emory and Oxford Colleges will grant acceleration placement for courses beyond the allowed 18 hours, but no additional credit hours or GER waivers will be given. 

  1. AP/IB or other test credits (maximum of 12 credit hours). Departments have specified equivalent courses that these test credits replace for the purpose of GERs and major requirements.
  2. Other college credits earned prior to matriculation that do not count towards the secondary school diploma. Newly admitted first year students who wish to receive credit for work taken at another college after acceptance and before enrollment should secure permission/approval from the dean of admission. Please review the Office of Undergraduate Admission AP/IB/Other credit policies:
  3. Transient study credits earned after matriculation through coursework at accredited colleges or universities. Transient study may be earned domestically or internationally.

Domestic transient study (permission to take work at another institution in the United States and US Territories) is normally granted only for summer enrollment. Students who wish to take summer work elsewhere in the United States after their first year, or before a student has earned 64 credit hours, at Emory must secure written permission from the Office for Undergraduate Education before the end of the preceding spring semester and must not be on academic probation after the completion of spring semester. In order to earn credit through Domestic Transient Study, students must earn a grade of C or above. The course credits, but not the grades, are posted on the official Emory transcript. For more information, please go to the DTS website.

International students (on J-1 or F-1 visa status) who wish to take summer coursework in their home countries after their first year at Emory must meet the requirements for International Transient Study and complete the Office of International and Summer Programs (OISP) International Transient Study application. For more information, please go to OISP’s website.

Credit earned at other institutions may not comprise part of the last 64 semester hours or four semesters of work toward a degree in Emory College of Arts and Sciences, except as described under approved off-campus programs such as the Washington Semester and Education Abroad programs or as described immediately below. A final transcript for any summer coursework must be submitted by October 1, immediately following the summer in which the coursework was completed. All credits for non-Emory courses must officially appear on the student’s transcript by the end of their first semester upon return to Emory.

This policy applies to students who enter in the fall 2018 semester or later. Students who began before fall 2018 should refer to the Transient Study website for the current policy arrangement

Transient Study after 64 Credit Hours

Students who have completed 64 credit hours of course work in Emory College of Arts and Sciences and are in good standing may receive up to 16 semester hours and one semester of residence credit toward their Emory degree for advanced-level courses taken at another college or university in the USA. Approval is required in advance by the Office for Undergraduate Education and by the chairs of the appropriate departments at Emory, who must

  1. Certify the advanced level of the proposed courses, and
  2. Provide a compelling reason why these courses cannot be taken at Emory.

Students who wish to take courses abroad at an international institution must either do so through an approved Emory College Education Abroad programs or the non-Emory program petition process, please visit the Office of International and Summer Programs website. (NEEDS UPDATED)