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Degree AwardedBS
Hours To Complete64
Courses Required21
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Five foundational courses each with a 2 unit related lab

  • CHEM 150 + CHEM 150L*
  • CHEM 202 + CHEM 202L*
  • CHEM 203 + CHEM 203L
  • CHEM 204 + CHEM 204L
  • CHEM 205 + CHEM 205L

Four 300 level electives (12 units)
Where appropriate, students may take 500-level elective courses to satisfy this requirement as is the current policy in the department. However, a 500-level course taken as a major requirement cannot also count for the Honors Program

One 300 level integrated lab with analytical focus (2 units)

Two 300 level advanced lab courses where at least one satisfies the continuing
writing requirement (5 units). Three units of 499R can fulfill the 300-level advanced lab course
that does not include continuing writing. 495RW can fulfill the 300-level advanced lab course
with continuing writing.

One 400 level capstone elective (3 units) This is typically taken in a student’s final semester at Emory.

Non-chemistry requirements:: PHYS 141 and PHYS 142 OR PHYS151 and PHYS 152; MATH 111; MATH 112; BIOL 141 (lecture only) (17 units)

 Students who earn credit for CHEM 150 through the AP or IB exams may either:

  • enroll in 202Z + 202ZL in the fall of their first year. Following successful completion of
    these courses, students will then enroll in 203Z + 203ZL in the spring of their first year
    and then continue on to 204 + 204L;
  • OR may enter the chemistry core courses with CHEM 202 + 202L in the spring of their
    first year.

All courses required for the chemistry major must be taken for a letter grade to count towards the major.

For an A.C.S. Certified Chemistry Degree. This is a program recommended by the American Chemical Society as thorough preparation for graduate work in chemistry. To be certified, within completion of the BS requirements, a student must complete CHEM 350, Inorganic Chemistry, as one of their four lecture-based electives, two 300 level laboratory electives not counting 399R, 499R, or 495RW, and also at least four credits in 499R.