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Hours To Complete20 - 30
Courses Required8
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JPN 201 and 202 (or equivalent) and four electives. No course for the minor may be taken S/U. Students must receive at least a C in each course taken for the minor. Language requirements may be fulfilled by demonstrating equivalent mastery of the language through oral and written examination administered by REALC. Students placing higher than 201 in the language sequence will be required to make up the missed units by taking an equivalent number of advanced language classes. One course taken on study abroad (JPN 315) may count toward the four required electives. Courses not on this list that contain more than 50% Japanrelated content may be approved at the discretion of the major/minor advisor.


JPN 232 Language Usage in Japanese Society

JPN 234 Japanese Linguistics

JPN 270 Introduction to Japanese Culture

JPN 275: Nature and Culture in Japan

JPN 360 Japanese Modern Women Writers

JPN 361 Genji: Sensuality and Salvation

JPN 362 Samurai, Shoguns, and Women Warriors

JPN 363 Literary and Visual Culture in Japan

JPN 372 Modern Japanese Literature in English Translation

JPN 374 Japanese Literature: Reading and Writing the Classics

JPN 375 Topics in Japanese Studies

JPN 378 Postwar Japan through its Media

JPN 451 Great Writers of Modern Japan

FILM 396R Non-Western Cinema:Japanese Film

HIST 371 Medieval and Early Modern Japan

HIST 372 History of Modern Japan


JPN 101, 102