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Hours To Complete20
Courses Required6
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Core courses:

  • SUST 206: Foundations of Sustainability
  • SUST 391: Sustainability Capstone Seminar

Minimum of 4 electives selected from a pre-approved master list, with at least one elective falling in each of three distributions (Social Sciences, Humanities, and natural Sciences)

An integrative written portfolio with an initial entry, entries and optional sample coursework from each course that fulfills the minor, a capstone entry, and final entry. *Completed during capstone seminar, formatted as professional PDF suitable for inclusion with CV, reviewed by Sustainability Minor Steering Committee members who provide feedback

A presentation of the capstone project, in poster or oral form, providing the student practice with another means of presenting their research..


Emory College of Arts and Sciences offer students the option of choosing one of two minors in the field of Sustainability- Sustainability or Sustainability Sciences. For more information on both programs to help you make the decision on which fits your interests more closely, please click here.