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Sustainability SciencesMinor

Hours To Complete18 - 21
Courses Required6
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  1. ENVS 130: Environmental Sciences (or AP Credit) and ENVS 131: Intro to ENVS Field Studies.

  2. Methods in Sustainability Science (one course).
    Options include ENVS 250: Geographical Information Systems, ENVS 260: Quantitative Methods in Environmental Sciences or a course in QTM (e.g. QTM 120).

  3. Sciences of Sustainability (three courses).
    A combination of social and natural sciences courses must be chosen. Please refer to the list on the ENVS website.

  4. Practicum (one course)
    Options include ENVS 491: Service Learning in Environmental and Sustainability Sciences or POLS/ENVS 370B: Planning Community Initiatives


Emory College of Arts and Sciences offer students the option of choosing one of two minors in the field of Sustainability- Sustainability or Sustainability Sciences. For more information on both programs to help you make the decision on which fits your interests more closely, please click here.