General Education Requirements

The general education component of an Emory undergraduate education is organized to present an array of intellectual approaches and perspectives as ways of learning rather than a prescribed body of content. Its purposes are to develop students’ competencies in the skills and methods of writing, quantitative methods, a second language, and physical education; to acquaint students with methodologies that characterize the humanities, the social sciences, and the natural sciences as the three broad divisions of learning in the arts and sciences; to deepen students’ perspectives on national, regional, and global history and culture, and to give every student some exposure to an interactive seminar experience. These purposes are met by a student’s choosing from a range of individual courses within a clearly defined framework.

Only courses taken for 3 credits or above will satisfy the General Education Requirement with the following exceptions: Health, PE, the lab portion of SNTL courses, and the second semester of the honors thesis course (which may carry CWRT credit) may fulfill GERs when taken for fewer than three credits.

The list of courses satisfying General Education Requirements is constantly under review. For the latest version of the list, please see below.