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Degree AwardedBA
Hours To Complete38 - 43
Courses Required12
Department Contact


Cross-listed (ENG or ENGCW/THEA) -14 credit hours

  • Playwriting (372RW)
  • Advanced Playwriting (375RW)
  • History of Drama and Theater 1 and 2 (215 and 216)

Theater Studies (THEA) – 13-16 credit hours

  • Reading for Performance (210W)
  • Two courses from Acting or Directing or Design (These 2 courses must be from different areas)
  • One dramatic literature course 300-level or above (ENG course can be used if focused on dramatic literature)

English/Creative Writing (ENG and ENGCW) – 14-16 credit hours

  • Two literature courses 300-level or above (at least one course must be focused on dramatic literature)
  • Two Creative Writing workshops (Poetry, Fiction, Creative Non-fiction, Screenwriting, or repeat Playwriting / Advanced Playwriting); only ONE of these can be at the 200-level.


A visit with the Theater Studies Department and Creative Writing Program and attending classes or a production are all highly encouraged and welcomed. There are no admission requirements for Playwriting.


Joint Playwriting majors will be assigned an advisor from either the Creative Writing or Theater Studies faculty.

See also information about the Theater Studies major and the Creative Writing Program.